The Crated is a technology company focused on seamlessly integrating electronic circuitry into textiles. With an eye towards supply chain integration and great design, we invent solutions to help companies combine technology and apparel.

Our core technology suite, INTELiTEX features washable, patent-pending technology to make any garment a smart garment. LEARN MORE

Kelvin - our heating jacket using textile-based components.

Kelvin - our heating jacket using textile-based components.

Our expert knowledge of fashion, diligent prototyping and dedication to a seamless user experience has enabled us to work with Google, Zac Posen, and North Face, just to name a few.


R & D

We conduct internal research to make better systems for e-textile fabrication.  From components and custom materials, to creatively engineered circuit designs, we aim to make e-textiles more versatile, robust and reliable. 


We fabricate textile based wearable technology for our collaborators and for ourselves. Our team makes apparel-based wearable tech prototypes and additive manufacturing samples.


We partner with fashion houses, technology brands and manufacturers to inspire the future of apparel and textiles through creative collaborations.