We believe technology can be a second skin. The Crated develops products, conducts proprietary research and provides insights to industry leaders with the hopes of making second generation wearable technology mainstream.

 We Work out of the BF+DA as Part of Pratt Institute

We Work out of the BF+DA as Part of Pratt Institute


At the Crated we care about the shipping crate behind a garment before it reaches the glossy hanger and photoshoot that often follows production. We care about the logistics; the engineering and invention that is behind the scenes of making a smart garment look effortless.



"The Crated is investing in the idea that the future of wearables is not miniaturized wrist-worn computers, but rather technology that’s woven straight into the stuff we put on every day by necessity: our clothes..."

Wired Magazine April 2015


The Crated is a proud recipient of a NYC Futureworks Manufacturing Grant. We are also part of Pratt Institute's Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator and a portfolio company of Parson's XRC Labs.